Flowers created between 1996 and 2000.

This series of images were made with a pinhole camera, which for me is the most challenging way of image making. I begin by creating my own pinhole camera -- a light-tight container with a tiny hole for an aperture. Based on the lighting conditions, my exposures can be up to 20 minutes long. Since it is not possible to view beforehand what the  pinhole camera "sees", each image is a surprise, and uniquely different from what might be obtained with a conventional camera. The point of view is from a flower looking at another flower, or a fly that has just landed on a petal. Using the pinhole photography method makes the experience unpredictable and a bit mystical. It is this element of chance and the surprise in seeing the pinhole’s translation are the qualities that draw me to work in this manner.

These images are available for licensing, or for sale as fine art prints.

Please inquire about sizes, pricing and availability of both prints and framed pieces.